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Getting your teeth whitened professionally can be a life-changing experience. Whiter teeth are associated with youth, health, vitality, and even professionalism in the workplace. Depending on your schedule, Murrieta Dental Care can either whiten your teeth in the office or you can take home custom trays and do the whitening yourself. Explore the following FAQs about teeth whitening so that you can decide if this cosmetic treatment is right for you.

What Professional Whitening Options Does Murrieta Dental Care Offer?

At Murrieta Dental Care, we offer both in-office whitening and also a custom take-home tray system.

Why is Professional Teeth Whitening the Best Option?

Over the counter whitening products are convenient but are often problematic. They take a long time to show results (sometimes weeks or months), if they ever do. Whitening kits that come with stock trays are ill-fitting and uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. When you have your teeth whitened in the office professionally, the treatment is finished within one appointment. If you have custom trays made, then they will fit your teeth and come with whitening gel that is much more potent than the grocery store kits.

Who are Good Candidates for Professional Teeth Whitening?

Most patients with generally good dental health should be candidates for professional teeth whitening. However, some people have deep enamel cracks or intrinsic discoloration that is in the inner layer of the teeth. These issues may prevent patients from achieving the desired result. Your dentist at Murrieta Dental Care can evaluate your teeth and tell you if your teeth can be successfully whitened.

What Will Happen at the In-Office Whitening Appointment?

You will sit back in the dental chair, listening to the stereo or watching TV, and a dental team member will do the rest.  You will rest between 60-90 minutes for the whitening effect has set in. You will leave with whiter teeth that will continue to whiten even more over the next few days. 

What Will Happen at the Custom Tray Whitening Appointments?

At your first visit, a dental team member will take impressions of both your upper and lower teeth. We will use those to create custom take-home trays that only fit your teeth. Once created, you will come back for a short visit to receive your custom take-home trays, the whitening gel, and instructions.

How Long Will My Teeth Stay White?

You can expect to enjoy your new whiter smile for at least six months, often times for over a year. The length of time that the brightness will last depends on your dental habits. If you eat discoloring foods and drinking dark beverages that stained your teeth in the past, then the problem is likely to return more quickly. However, if you have custom take-home trays, then you can purchase additional whitening gel from Murrieta Dental Care for continued home whitening.

You will be happy with the way that your smile looks after going to Murrieta Dental Care for a teeth whitening treatment. If you have more questions, call for an appointment today! (925) 447-4800

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