COVID-19 Safety

Safety is a priority. Here are some of our safety enhancements to help keep you, the other patients, and the dental team virus-free.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

N95 masks, face shields, medical scrubs with long-sleeve jackets, isolation gowns, hair bouffant caps, and shoe covers

N95 Mask     Face Shield Bouffant Cap Shoe Covers


Surface cleaners:

Continued use of medical-grade surface disinfecting wipes

High-power UV-C light disinfecting bulbs

UV-C light bulb     Disinfecting Wipes 

Air Cleaners

MERV-13 hospital-grade air filters for the ventilation system

UV-C air filter and re-circulator in each treatment room

Dual high-volume aspirators during treatment, including the Ivory ReLeaf hands-free aspiration solution, to reduce aerosol production

releaf hands free aspiration releaf hands free aspiration

The ADS Extra-Oral Dental Suction System. Known as the “Aerosol and Droplet Terminator,” this instrument greatly reduces aerosols generated by the use of a dental hand piece or ultrasonic scaler.

ADS 1     ADS 2      ADS 4     

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