Murrieta Dental Care uses latest in dental technology to help enhance a greater quality of care.


tv demo linkSatellite TV & DVD in each room

See how it works
We incorporated the Technology Learning Center (TLC) to allow you to view TV or diagnostic pictures. We can even display your X-Rays, so you understand what is happening.

most effective x-ray equipmentDigital X-Rays

VisualiX eHD intraoral sensor
Digital X-Rays use much less radiation than the old films. This comfortable intraoral sensor offers superior diagnostic image quality!

compact technology for comfort Intra-Oral Cameras

Einstein wireless intraoral camera
Small and designed for comfort; now capturing and reviewing images of your teeth can be easily done right at your fingertips. Combined with the Satellite TV & DVD in each room, we can show images for instant review.

vizilite plusOral Cancer Screening

ViziLite Plus
Advanced and easy oral cancer screening can help find cancer while it is still in its early stages.

diagnodent pen Laser Cavity Detector

DIAGNO-dent Pen
This handy instrument can help find cavities without X-Rays!

teeth whiteningTeeth Whitening

NUPRO White Gold Tooth Whitener
Our in-office treatment provides fast and dramatic results. It is among the best whiteners available!

arestinOral Antibiotics

Your gums and underlying bone provide an important foundation for your teeth. ARESTIN® is an effective antibiotic treatment to aid those with significant periodontal problems.